Become a WoS shareholder


This token represents the project in general and is obtained by burning empty barrels within the game or buying them on an exchange.

The usefulness of the WoS is that a % of the global fees charged in the game transactions will go to the users who will have the token, turning the community into shareholders of the project, and in more advanced stages they will obtain VIP Benefits.
Contract address: 0x8b985117e56ef97739617a480a7a4ed9dc488ddb

Play to Earn sustainable

Earn BAR and CRU

Worker or Sheikh has a second and third token that allow the economic model to be sustained over time.

BAR is a token that represents the barrels of oil obtained in the game and are minted dynamically as they are extracted, a percentage of these BAR have oil inside (CRU) and another percentage are empty. All the money that enters the game, minus the fees, will fill a percentage of the existing BAR randomly and constantly.

CRU is a token that represents the oil inside the barrels, it is backed by USDT at a value of 1:1, making CRU the stablecoin of the game. Your audit is public in a liquidity fund. All money coming into the game from the purchase of oil wells, NFTs, avatars, ads, or any future source of income is converted to CRU and randomly distributed among a percentage of existing barrels.


Worker or Sheikh?

Players have 2 types of hierarchy. The objective of the game is to extract oil from the wells, each well has an owner «Sheikh» who gives work to the «Worker» paying a portion of his profits. The game is of the Clicker type so it is very easy to play for anyone

Worker: This is the free version of the game, you just have to choose one of the extraction towers available on the map you selected, place it on the well and click until it is empty, the faster you click the more energy you will send and the faster it will empty. Be careful with the obstacles, you can lose your collected barrels if you collide with them. Once you complete the level the BAR will be shared between you and the owner of the oil well.

Sheikh: If you decide to be a sheikh you must buy an oil well. Being a sheikh is the way to generate passive income within WOS since it will be the workers who do the hard work. You can encourage workers to play in your wells by giving them NFT that you can buy in the marketplace, such as autoplay magic potions, faster extraction towers, luxury avatars and much more.


Key Points

WOS will be a sustainable game over time, providing its tokens with fundamental economic justifications in their prices

All Smart Contracts in the game are audited by world-renowned external companies, giving players peace of mind that they operate in a secure environment.

The WOS token has a real utility making all its holders earn residual and passive benefits. You can get them by burning BARR or buying them.

The CRU token: All money coming into the game is used to back CRU, the game stablecoin. The liquidity pool is public and auditable. You get it by burning BAR

The BAR token has a unique burning system, you get them by playing or buying them on an exchange. The BAR will always give you 1 WOS or they can give you CRUs


Get advantage of other players

  • Wells sold in presale extract 50% more CRU
  • Special potions that will not be available again, do not expire and can be resold
  • Super fast extraction towers that will never exist again and can be resold
  • Single sale of WoS Token giving a substantial advantage since then you can only extract it from the game.
  • Gold Avatars

Token Sale

Single Sale will be enabled in 3 stages

21 DIC 2022

90 Days

Hard Cap
100M WOS
21 MAR 2023

30 Days

Unique and resellable 2000 Potions 10000 Oil derrick
21 APR 2023

30 Days

3x extraction capacity Hard Cap 10000
the Whitepaper
Single-Sale Start at 21 Dic 2022
  • Single Sale WOS $1.00
  • 1000 Multiwell potions 1 USDT - 10 USDT
  • 1000 Gold Potions 250 USDT
  • 5000 Nuclear oil derrick 500 USDT
  • Recyclable oil derrick 300 USDT
  • Oil Well 3X Power 100 USDT
  • Gold Avatars all Stages 1 USDT

Read Our Documents

Privacy Policy
Terms of Sales

Road Map

Our team works hard to meet the projected times.

2021 Q1
  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assemble
2021 Q2
  • Proving the concept can work
  • Strategic Plan
  • White paper conpletion
2022 Q1
  • Platform design and technical demonstration
  • Building the Game
2022 Q2
Smart Contracts
  • Programming of smart contracts
2022 Q2
Alpha Test
  • In-house testing of functional
  • Prototype published and linked to Ethereum blockchain with real-time scanning
2022 Q3
  • External audit request
  • Audit approval
2022 Q4
Single Sale/ Website launch
  • Tokens Single Sale
  • Official website and Social networks launch
2023 Q1
Release Beta DEMO version / Android and IOS Version/
  • All features enabled in goerli testnet
  • Enabling Android and IOS
2023 Q1
Official launch of the game
  • Launch of the game/ethereum
  • All features enabled
2023 Q1
Staking WOS
  • Rewards for WOS holders
  • Marketplace Open
2023 Q4
WOS Metaverse
  • WOS VISA Card Enabling
  • Metaverse development start
Meet The Team

Executive team

The WOS Team combines a passion for games, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Juan Salazar

Richard González
Software Dev Lead

Israel Salazar
Managing Director - WOS Game

Isaac Ulate
Senior Software Developer

Franco Reberte
UI Designer

Yohanan Guershony
Image desing - Marketing

Roulmar Maldonado
Frontend Developer


Frequently asked questions

Below, we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please reach out using the contact form below.

WOS is a blockchain clicker adventure game. It allows its players to obtain economic benefits thanks to its robust economy

Not necessarily, you can play as a worker for free. If you want to earn passive income you can also buy Oil Wells.

The holders of the WOS token will receive a % of the global earnings of the game from fees for life. You will be a partner of the project!

Those who have the BAR token will have the option to burn them, doing this they discover their content that can be a random amount of CRUD or 1 WOS for each BAR

Each CRU is backed by 1 USDT, therefore CRU is a stable coin that you can use as such, or exchange it in the liquidity pool for USDT

You will be able to acquire unique and special Tokens and NFTs during the period specified above. You will be given access to the marketplace on those dates.

Items purchased in the " Single sale" will never be offered by us again. They will give you great advantages in the game while you have them, but you will also have the option to resell them since they will be unique and unrepeatable.

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